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Monday, April 24, 2017

SPX put option

Tuesday, 4/18/2017 (9:59:35 am, PT)

sold -1 April 24, 2017  2285 put at $5.30

  • credit received:  $530
  • probability of success:  82.40%

Comment: The "implied volatility" was very high on 4/18.  That's why I was able to collect $5.30 for a one-week option with a 82.40% probability of expiring OTM.  That was pretty amazing.

So .... the next time you see opportunities like this, jump in and sell some OTM put options.

"How do I sell put options?" you might ask.
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Monday, 4/24/2017 (6:37:37 am, PT)

bought back put at $0.05

Comment:  I decided to go ahead and buy back my put for 5 cents just to be safe.

PROFIT:  $525 (in 5 trading days)