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Friday, November 20, 2015

Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) Iron Condor

10/1/2015 (12:58:12 pm, PT)  low stoch, high IV

buy +1 Nov 2015  $113 call (30% prob ITM)
sell  -1 Nov 2015  $111 call (39% prob ITM)
sell  -1 Nov 2015  $108 put (48% prob ITM)
buy +1 Nov 2015  $107 put (44% prob ITM)


  • net credit received:  $1.25 (or $125)
  • the call vertical is $2.00 wide
  • the put vertical is $1.00 wide
  • zero risk on the down side
  • $0.75 (or $75 risk on the up side)
  • this trade is more bearish than bullish
  • IWM was near $109 on 10/1

11/17/2015 (10:45:51 am, PT) (3 days before expiration)

  • buy back the call vertical for $1.76 (debit) to avoid losing the maximum ($75) on exp.
  • buy back the short $108 put for $0.04 (debit)
  • leave open the long $107 put in case IWM drops A LOT in the next 3 days (anything is possible, right?)

11/20/2015 (expiration)

IWM closed at $116.81

  • it's a good thing I bought back the call vertical on 11/17
  • the long $107 put expired worthless

TOTAL LOSS:  $55 (instead of $75 if I had held the entire trade until expiration)


When I entered the trade on 10/1/2015, I was more bearish than bullish.  
However, I also knew that there's always the probability that IWM could rally back up and go through my call strikes.  That's why I kept the risk under control by doing only 1 contract.

My goal was to buy back the entire iron condor at around $0.60 so I could walk away with a 50% profit.  However, I never had the opportunity because IWM started rising right after I placed my trade.

Looking back, I would say that this was a dumb trade.  I should have sold put options instead because the stochastics were in the oversold region and IV was VERY high.  Lesson learned!

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