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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Apple (AAPL) Earnings Play

10/27/2015 (12:58:56 pm, PT)

sold -1 Oct 30, 2015  $101 put at $0.35


  • This is an "earnings play" (taking advantage of inflated premiums).  
  • I haven't traded AAPL in a long time, so I wanted to be cautious and sell just one contract.
  • AAPL was around $114.55 and the "expected move" was around $6.64 when my trade filled.
  • The strike price that I selected was twice the "expected move" (being cautious).

10/29/2015 (6:30:25 am, PT)

buy back my put at $0.01 to remove the risk



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