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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Russell 2000 (IWM) Put Options


sold (to open) 1 August 2014 $111 put at $1.20

I got paid $120 (cash)

See my timing (chart)

8/14/2014 (see chart)

bought back the put at $0.05
(this trade filled while I was still asleep)

NET PROFIT:  $107.18

  •  IWM was trading between $113.82 and $115.09 on 7/16 (when I sold my put option).
  • IWM was trading between $113.23 and $113.73 on 8/14 (when I closed my put position).
  • If I had bought 100 shares of IWM on 7/16 and sold them on 8/14, I would have lost money.
  • However, by SELLING an IWM PUT OPTION instead, I ended up with a NET PROFIT of $107.18!
  • This is why I love SELLING PUT OPTIONS.  I made money even when IWM went down.

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