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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sold Silver Covered Call

I recently sold two covered calls for Silver. I received $132 (gross).

Today (11 am, 10/5/2010), silver was up 3.48%, but the silver call option was up 53.85% !!!


UPDATE (expiration Friday, 11/19/2010):

SLV closed at $26.74 today. The call option is in-the-money => automatic assignment.

The call option closed at $4.70 today.


This call option traded as high as $6.70 (11/9/2010) during its life!!!!!!!!!!

Remember......the BUYER of this call option paid only 66 cents per contract (10/4/2010).

Just one month later (on 11/9/2010), this same contract was worth $6.70!!!!! That is a return of 915% in four weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another way to look at this:

An initial investment of only $660 (10 contracts) was worth $6700 on 11/9 !!!!!!!!

This is the reason I love options! :-)

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